Vitality Blend


Mixture of spice, fruit and plant extracts with stimulating and invigorating properties.
A range of refreshing and sparkling flavours.
Inspired by the traditional well-being rituals of Madagascar.

  • 65g


Organic Herbal Tea

Energy and antioxidant protection.

Mandarin peel*
Relaxes and wards off fatigue.

Lemon peel*
Tones, reduces fatigue.

Anti-inflammatory effects and brain stimulant.

Antioxidant and boosts immune system.

Rich in vitamin C and fibre, provides energy.

Bitter orange peel*
Stimulates digestion.

Cinnamon bark*
Revives skin tone.

Garden Marigold*
Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory

*From organic farming

Place 2 to 3 g in a 20 cl cup or small teapot, then add hot water ideally at 100°C

Leave to infuse for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the desired taste.
To drink cold, allow to cool before placing in the fridge.

Vitality Blend herbal tea works well in combination with Fresh, Firming Blend body oil.


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