Balance Ritual


Organic Herbal Tea 50 g Net

Dry Body oil 100 ml

Balance Blend

The Balance Blend infusion is soothing, it comforts and de-stresses the body with its cocktail of antioxidant plants. Its blend of fruit extracts and plants with sweet and reassuring flavors, provides many virtues: papaya, rich in Vitamin C, is a de-stressing and invigorating antioxidant. The refreshing lemongrass balances the metabolism while the hibiscus flower freshens and awakens the body. Also, you will find, among others, Centella asiatica leaf, abundant in nutrients, to improve blood circulation, protect cells and reduce stress.

Soothing, Replenishing Blend

Its botanical formula made with Madagascar's exclusive ingredients regenerates and generously nourishes the epidermis to restore its balance.
It contains a complex of 4 valuable plant oils: Jojoba, Prickly Pear, Kukui and its main asset: the raw oil of Moringa drouhardii, an endemic tree with high-regeneration properties. The Soothing, Replenishing Blend is ideal for application by gentle massage twice a day, for a revitalized and softer skin, wrapped in an amber vanilla scent.
Optimize its application and complete the ritual with the Balance Blend infusion.



In Malagasy culture, balance is essential for harmony. Balance between the care of the body and that of the spirit. Discover the Balance Ritual of Izaho Botanicals which is effective as well from the inside as from the outside thanks to a care in and a care out, to rebalance the skin and to comfort the body.


Blend of fruit and plant extracts rich in antioxidants, with de-stressing and relaxing properties. A range of soft and reassuring flavors.


Moisturizing and revitalizing care for dry to extremely dry skin. It soothes and nourishes the skin generously, wrapping it in an amber vanilla scent.


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