Balance Blend


The Balance Blend infusion is soothing, it comforts and de-stresses the body with its cocktail of antioxidant plants. Its blend of fruit extracts and plants with sweet and reassuring flavors, provides many virtues: papaya, rich in Vitamin C, is a de-stressing and invigorating antioxidant. The refreshing lemongrass balances the metabolism while the hibiscus flower freshens and awakens the body. Also, you will find, among others, Centella asiatica leaf, abundant in nutrients, to improve blood circulation, protect cells and reduce stress.

  • 50g


Organic Herbal Tea

Rich in Vitamin C (relaxing antioxidant that wards off fatigue) and fiber, provides energy, limits skin ageing.

Refreshes, balances the metabolism.

Hibiscus flower*
Refreshes, awakens the body and rebalances the metabolism, improves performance.

Centella asiatica leaf*
Rich in nutrients, improves blood circulation.

Bitter orange leaf* and candied orange peel* (corn syrup*, orange peel*, salt)
Refreshes and awakens the body.

Garden Marigold*
Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory.

Natural orange flavouring*

*From organic farming

Place 2 to 3 g in a 20 cl cup or small teapot, then add hot water ideally at 100°C

Leave to infuse for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the desired taste.
To drink cold, allow to cool before placing in the fridge.
Balance Blend herbal tea works well in combination with the application of Soothing, Replenishing Blend, hand and body oil.