The Healing Power of Nature

Madagascar´s unique biodiversity fosters growth in terms of our physical and spiritual well-being.
Two producers who are passionate about plant biodiversity and committed to its preservation.

Surrounded by ethno-botanists and chemical engineers, they bring together their expertise and know-how to create “In & Out” wellness treatments from rare plant species.


Madagascar, land of unique plant species

Our land of Madagascar is nicknamed the Red Island. An island that was created following the separation of India, Australia, Africa and Asia, Madagascar is home to a unique biodiversity on our planet; a land with exceptionally rich natural resources where rare endemic plant species flourish.

Passionate about plant biodiversity, we are two producers (Malagasy and French) who have been committed to the preservation and sustainable production of our plant species for 20 years; a passion for demanding work that has grown by surrounding ourselves with ethno-botanists and agricultural engineers.

The spices of our island and its perfume plants were the first plant species to which we devoted our attention. We have developed high quality, sustainable crops to meet the demands of European beauty customers. Vanilla, ylang-ylang and vetiver as well as rare essential oils are at the core of what we produce.

Today, with 350 hectares of sustainable cultivation, including the largest Bourbon vanilla plantation in the world, we provide local employment to over 1000 people through our production sites and laboratories.


Our botanical laboratory: science at the pace of nature

Through our scientific research in biochemistry on key ingredients endemic to the Red Island, we have scientifically proven the effects of its “terroir”: the specific origins of each plant infuse its active components with a concentration and efficacy that are unique worldwide.

Our expertise in essential oils and local rituals handed down through generations have shown the therapeutic qualities of essential oils and have guided us in the development of our own formulations.

The demands of our project have led us to further research into these exceptional plant species, through local financial investment in the construction of dedicated infrastructures, an analysis laboratory and a state-of-the-art distillery. A human investment focused on expertise and know-how has enabled us to gather a community around local experts in extraction chemistry and French craftsmen in formulation and design.

In order to guarantee an exceptional and sustainable quality of our raw materials, we have drawn up a quality charter establishing the highest standards. We are the first and only ISO 22716 certified cosmetic production laboratory in Madagascar.


Our philosophy: harmony in both body and spirit

In the Malagasy language, Izaho means “me” and reflects a vision of beauty specific to its people and culture; a culture that has a deep respect for its elders and traditions that link us to nature. A mastery in harnessing the treasures of our land that has been passed down for generations. This ancient and precious knowledge of our exceptional plants is used to heal, detox and firm the skin, while soothing our spirit in a harmonious communion with nature.

Driven by the richness of this land and its culture, IZAHO Botanicals is a range of “In & Out” wellness treatments for body and mind, based on blends of body oils and fortifying and detoxifying herbal teas. Made from active plant blends and botanical oil macerations of unique plant species from our region, these products offer endless benefits and contribute to spiritual well-being.

We have specifically selected all plant origin ingredients to create highly effective formulations. Inspired by the practices of our elders, we have developed short formulations that bring the production field closer to the final product, by limiting intermediaries.


A project of excellence to serve people and nature

At the heart of our vision is an environmental project to protect Madagascar’s biodiversity as well as a social and economic project for the local population.

Threatened with destruction by massive deforestation, Madagascar’s precious biodiversity is still too often the only economic resource for local communities. This is why it is essential for us to accompany them in a new ethical economic model, creating value through sustainable crops.

Driven by this belief in societal change, we have been involved with local producers for 20 years, providing financial support from a share of Izaho Botanicals’ revenues and developing an educational program on preserving their land; a solid belief that has led us to various regions of Madagascar and allows us to accompany more than 1600 farmers today.

Our demand for quality raw materials has been the driving force behind the establishment of excellent production channels, where the control of each stage is reinforced by a short cycle (few intermediaries).

That’s why, as the founders of Izaho Botanicals, we are incredibly proud to have become the first wellness brand to guarantee 100% traceability on its products. The complete list of our ingredients and their origins is provided for all products through a QR code visible on the packaging.

Discover our story in 5 points

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